Friday, February 3, 2012

Someday Summary - Friday

*BLAH! This is how i'm currently feeling! Just blah about everything.I don't know winter is so depressing or is just me? Not for any particular reason, i just don't like the weather.The lack of money ect ect. I guess i just like summer better. This week was just blah! don't mind me saying : Like a poo on a shoe! I need something good to happen, something to make me smile again.

*Anyone else think that there is nothing to do on a friday night apart from going for a cocoa or watching chick flicks? Whats your favorite?

*I think i'm going to watch :A walk to remember. tonight
*I'm excited for Channing's Tatum new movie.. :)
*Let's hope to find someone to help me with my photograph skills 'cause they are terrible.
*Currently reading : Blush and Glow and Creative Moments


  1. pfff!katalavainw ti ennoeis!duskolo kai vareto xeimwniatiko vradu paraskeuhs!mhn apelpizesai!kati tha ginei ekei pou den to perimeneis kai tha xamogelaseis kai tha peraseis omorfa! :) filia polla!

  2. Λενακι??τι επαθε το Fb σου??μολις πηγα να σου στειλω το σχεδιο που λεγαμε + δεν υπαρχεις!!:-((

  3. Σου εχω στειλει email γλυκεια μου :)