Monday, February 13, 2012

Wishlist #1#

001. I think i'm obsessed with this palette , I know i am a year late, but i'm more interested in the Naked and not so much in the Naked 2. I need to get my hand on this.

002.In need of a good concealer, mine is finished, and now i'm hopeless.

003. Total obsession right now with any kind of lipsticks , especially with Mac one's tho... I have my eyes on Russian Red, for a while now..  And i feel like i need this..

004. I do not have a coral blusher, have heard lots of lovely things about this, i'm tempted.

005. Never had a good brow kit, and nearly caved in, but in the end , I think, i am going to wait a little longer.

006. Gingerly is a blush , that everytime time , i am at a Mac counter, i'm thinking of buying it, but never do.

007. OMG this Palette, i have, my eyes on this for a while and everytime , i'm so close on buying this, inhale - exhale, and say to my self , think about it again, tomorrow.

008.These brushes is my boyfriend's headache for a year! He even concerted to take me those as a gift. Hahaha, I think i'm in love with them, for over a year. we will see what the future will bring..


  1. Trust me my wishlist is huge but the way things are going here in Greece , i dont see no wishlist coming true - distixos . I hope you get everything you wish for though !! filakia xo

    1. I'm feeling you! trust me , But my thoughts on that, is another subject. hihi! I dont find anything wrong with dreaming tho.. i'm starting with small things and then moving on with the big ones.

  2. Αχ αυτήν την παλέτα την έχει και η δική μου λίστα γιατί έχω ακούσει τόσο καλά λόγια!!! :) Μακάρι να την αποκτήσω

    Φιλάκια κοπέλα μου

  3. Ποια απο τις 2 η Naked ή η storm?

  4. To erase+paste είναι το αγαπημένο μου concealer εδώ και μερικά χρόνια και η naked με έχει βολέψει πολύ. Από blush επέλεξα το hervana τελικά ανάμεσα σε διάφορα άλλα της benefit που είχα στη wish list μου. Από sleek περιμένω όπου να ναι την bad girl παλέτα, δεν έχω ποτέ δοκιμάσει κάτι της εταιρίας
    Εύχομαι να μπορέσεις να αποκτήσεις όλα όσα θέλεις όσο δύσκολα κι αν φαίνονται τα πράγματα αυτή την περίοδο...

    1. ναι; και εγω ολο αυτο ακουω.. ειναι πολυ καλο λενε, θελω να το δοκιμασω, θα δουμε ομως.
      Εγω θελω ενα για το καλοκαιρι.. οσο για την sleek , δεν ξερω σκεφτομαι ακομα.

  5. I Want them all :)

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    1. Great!!
      thank you for visiting my blog!