Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ugg Love

As i was saying in an other blog post, i used to hate Uggs, but when i was in Australia last year, I was at a store, and i look at them and i was like : " Oh they look so warm!! I think i'm gonna buy one pair of these"and that was it!
One of these days i was wandering around the web and took a look at the Ugg website and i was like "Oh my Lord!  I Want them..." Take a look and tell me what you think.. 

I'm so in love with all of them! ahh! The wedges are so cute!


  1. o_O!!! I want them!!! The wedges are so pretty!!!

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  3. τα μωβ ειναι τελειαααα!!! :-))

  4. Ωραίο το μπλογκ σου και τέλειο το κοριτσάκι που σου σχεδίασε η Rock n' Rolla!!