Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Shopping..

I went shopping!! nice start for a Monday morning, especially for me who i don't like Mondays very much. First, I went into Mac and got a Face Powder ('Cause the other one that i had was too light for me).

Then , i got a liquid pen-style liner in black, 

and two lipsticks that i was so in love with them, before even buy them/try them

the One is Creme Cup and the other is shy girl. (Sorry for the not so good Pictures on the lipsticks i did my best.)

. Mac lipsticks.. well i'm in love. I dont think they need more introduction, right?

Creme cup, is a light blue pink ,a very pretty light Pink if i want to be sincere. And was choosen as the one, who will put me out of my confort zone. So after all the Rave,I've succumbed to temptation and bought it. 

Shy Girl, is a coral beige, As soon as i put it on , you could see it in my eyes, had hearts on them (hehe) I'm so in love with it. so so so in love , it was love at first sight. Its the perfect peachy pink , its a neutral color perfect for every day..

And then I went to Sephora and Bought the Too Faced Naked Eyes palette, am a sucker for too faced palettes .. And i think i'll do another blog post on this..


  1. Με γεια σου κοριτσάκι μου :)
    Πολύ ωραία χρώματα τα κραγιόν!!

  2. You got some lovely things , i love the pink mac lipstick !! xo

  3. I love Too Faced palettes too. Everything you got is great!

  4. the mac lipstiick looks really good. I am jelaous as I cant afford it at the moment :/


  5. Loving the Mac lipstick - Need it in my life!

    Valentina de Pertis

  6. Με γεια σου!!! Το Creme cup το λατρευω κ απο τη μερα που το πηρα το φοραω καθε μερα!!!!
    Απο Too Faced δεν εχω δοκιμασει κατι ακομα αλλα οι παλετιτσες τους φαινονται πολυ ωραιες!

    I'm following you:-)

  7. @ClaireD.T thank you love :)
    @glittermeup thank you i'm in love with it too..
    @smugnificent Thanks girl! I love them too.
    @Sandra Don't be jelaous , you will get one! I'm sure.:)

  8. @Valentina Likewise i think i'm addicted

  9. @beautyincrisis Thanks, Cream cup is my go to ath momment :)
    I'm going to do a review on them soon.. stay tuned