Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Shopping..

I went shopping!! nice start for a Monday morning, especially for me who i don't like Mondays very much. First, I went into Mac and got a Face Powder ('Cause the other one that i had was too light for me).

Then , i got a liquid pen-style liner in black, 

and two lipsticks that i was so in love with them, before even buy them/try them

the One is Creme Cup and the other is shy girl. (Sorry for the not so good Pictures on the lipsticks i did my best.)

. Mac lipsticks.. well i'm in love. I dont think they need more introduction, right?

Creme cup, is a light blue pink ,a very pretty light Pink if i want to be sincere. And was choosen as the one, who will put me out of my confort zone. So after all the Rave,I've succumbed to temptation and bought it. 

Shy Girl, is a coral beige, As soon as i put it on , you could see it in my eyes, had hearts on them (hehe) I'm so in love with it. so so so in love , it was love at first sight. Its the perfect peachy pink , its a neutral color perfect for every day..

And then I went to Sephora and Bought the Too Faced Naked Eyes palette, am a sucker for too faced palettes .. And i think i'll do another blog post on this..

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Favorites Of 2011

A few days ago, I got an invitation from my lovely Rock’n’Rolla to present my favorites  of 2011, so without further ado.. Here is mine..

Part one:
1.    Favorite Book : Vampire academy Blood Promise
2.    Favorite city : Melbourne
3.    Favorite Perfume : Armani, the code
4.    Favorite Desert : Profiteroles
5.    Favorite Blog : I love them all I can’t pick just one
6.    Favorite destination : Paris
7.    Favorite Boots : My uggs
8.    Favorite place for coffee : Chocolat
9.    Favorite Food: Umm… cheese, erg.. Pasta with vegetables and sauce
10.    Favorite Post : My first one !!

Part two :

Favorite Beauty products for 2011
1.    Pro longwear spf 10 foundation by Mac
2.    Mac Prep+Prime
3.    Toofaced natural eye palette , I also love naked lunch and girlie by Mac  (not in the picture)
4.    Revlon apricot fantasy Lipstick
5.    Politely Pink Lipstick by Mac
6.    Mac Prep +Prime eye shadow primer
7.    Paint Pot in bare study by Mac
8.    Golden rose finishing Powder ( I hit pan as you can see)
9.    Nars Laguna bronzer
10.    Max factor’s white kohl Pencil
11.    Maybeline  the colossal volum’ express mascara
12.    Well Dressed Powder Blush by Mac

I Think that was it..
I hope you like my favorites of 2011

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bedroom Ideas

When i am thinking about my bedroom , i'm always like, "ugh" *sign* i wanna renovate my bedroom.

So  i was looking on the web, for some inspiration, and look what i found

Pictures taken from PB

 Pictures taken from the web
 Carrie Bradshaw is always an insporation.

So plz tell me your ideas...

Hope everyone had a great New years Eve!!