Friday, December 16, 2011

decorations &X-mas songs

 My Christmas Tree! Sorry for the quality, the light was bad today.

A few days ago i came across with some christmas selection that i think, is different from the others. At least in my opinion!! I downloaded Vol.1 and Vol.2 and its perfect and joyful while you doing stuff , such as decorating the house... you Can download them too from here

Happy Weekend everyone


  1. Επ..ήρθα και εγώ :) Υπέροχο το δεντράκι σου γλυκιά μου!!

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  3. Nice !! i love Christmas. Following now dear. I f you want visit my blog and Can you follow me back?
    Kisses from Perú

  4. @Ines : Hey, I'm so sorry hun , for replying so late, I did follow you back , thank you so much for stoping by, come back soon!! :)